SUPPLY $SHOCK is a hyperdeflationary token on Ethereum that rewards holders with $SHOCK reflections and constant burns. The tokens are designed to increase in value by creating a supply shock through rapid buybacks and auto burns.

Hyper-Deflationary Model

SUPPLYSHOCK is a hyperdeflationary token with a number of features that are designed to increase the value of your tokens. These contract features include reflections, buybacks and burns, auto-burn paired with aggressive marketing. .

SUPPLYSHOCK is a promising investment for those looking for a token with the potential to grow significantly in value.

Reflection Rewards

When you hold $SHOCK, you will earn reflections in the form of additional $SHOCK tokens.

These reflections are earned on every sell. The reflection tax is 1%, which means that you will earn a share of 1% of the tokens that are being sold.

Buyback & Burns

The 3% treasury tax is used to fund buybacks and burns. This means that the team will periodically buy back $SHOCK tokens from the market and then burn them.

This will reduce the supply of $SHOCK tokens, which will increase the value of your tokens.


Our handpicked private sale investors are chosen for their unwavering belief in holding.
These individuals embrace long-term success, navigate market shocks, and foster confidence for remarkable achievements.

Join us as we build a foundation for extraordinary success together.

SupplyShock Roadmap

Phase 1
  • -Launch Extensive Marketing
  • -CG/CMC listing
  • -Building strong community
Phase 2
  • -CEX Listings
  • -Partnerships
  • -Developing Utility
Phase 3
  • -T1 CEX Listings
  • -More exclusive partnerships
  • -Brand development
  • -Shock Merch

Contact the Team

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